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San Francisco DUI AttorneyAs a Deputy District Attorney for Marin County and now as criminal defense attorney, I possess extensive knowledge of DUI cases. In my 15 years of experience as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I have successfully handled countless DUI cases. As a member of the District Attorney's Office, I participated in every aspect of prosecuting these cases. I know, first hand, how DUI cases are investigated and presented to the District Attorney. I know what prosecutors look for in deciding whether to charge a person with a crime. With this wealth of knowledge, I zealously defend the accused when facing the serious legal consequences involved in a DUI case. Currently, I handle DUI cases on behalf of clients all over the bay area and in other parts of the state; I also represent clients in DUI cases in federal court.

A DUI is a serious offense with long-term consequences. When charged with a DUI, the accused is faced with possible suspension of driving privileges, a potential jail or prison sentence, probation, heavy fines, and increased insurance premiums. When faced with DUI charges in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is vitally important to hire a knowledgeable and proven DUI defense attorney to help mitigate the serious legal and economic consequences.

In a DUI case, the accused faces criminal and administrative sanctions. If the police seize your driver's license and notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of your arrest, the Department will automatically suspend your license. The District Attorney will likely file criminal charges commencing the Court proceedings which can result in criminal sanctions. With respect to the DMV, it is essential to take immediate action to prevent the automatic license suspension.

I handle DUI cases in Superior Court on the criminal side and administratively in front of the DMV. In many cases, I am able to mitigate the impact of the criminal sanctions on the accused and mitigate the impact of any DMV action on the client's license. In some instances, with my assistance, clients are able to have their cases dismissed and the DMV action ended.

As a San Francisco DUI lawyer, I use my knowledge and experience to help my clients navigate the challenges of a DUI case. Whenever possible, under the appropriate circumstances, I will attempt to prevent the filing of charges. If you are charged with a crime, I will passionately protect your rights in court and if necessary defend the case at trial. My experience in the District Attorney's Office gives me the best possible perspective in the criminal justice system. I know both sides and this allows me to work within the system to achieve favorable results for my clients.

If charged with a DUI or related offense, please do not hesitate to call for a free consultation. 415-565-9600



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